Geospatial careers: list of companies

I have published a curated list of companies in geospatial industry which you can use when looking for a job. The list is sorted by country and with some extent by industry domain. I have compiled it over many years while I was a part of GIS industry.

Each company is documented in format of [company website]: very brief description of what they do. Obviously quite a few companies work with a variety things so they can be hard to categorize. A company may have jobs for GIS developers, digital mappers, photogrammetry experts, machine learning professionals, and so forth. I suggest exploring their home page to learn more about them. It is also possible that a company did just one thing when this list was published, but then they expanded and now advertize for other job titles, too.

It is also possible that a company is located under a certain country section, but may have offices in other countries, too. However, keep in mind that they may look for geospatial positions only in a particular country/office. Company description is not comprehensive: a company may do many other things apart from geospatial related operations, but I won’t mention them as they are irrelevant in this context. Some companies may permit working remotely. Again, please explore the company website to double-check. Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, if the URL is broken, just use a web search engine to find a company’s website.

This page won’t be updated on a regular basis so it is pretty static. If you know a company in geospatial sector, by all means, please do submit a pull request so we could expand this list. The geospatial industry is fairly small so I thought sharing this list with the community would benefit both the companies looking for talent and peer professionals looking for a job.

Good luck with job hunting!

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