Generating a database schema report using SchemaSpy

I recently wanted to generate a visual report over a database to see what tables, relationships, and other objects are present. I also wanted to see the schema of all the tables. The registrant Python package I’ve written does give me most of the things I want but it was not designed to fetch any relational structure such as primary/foreign keys and constraints.

I found an excellent free command line tool tool, SchemaSpy. It requires Java so it may be an extra thing to fix if you do not have it installed. The syntax for Microsoft SQL Server:

java.exe -jar .\schemaspy-6.0.0-rc2.jar -t mssql05 -dp .\sqljdbc42.jar -db non_spat -host localhost -port 1433 -u user -p password -o C:\Temp\sqlschema

You would need to download the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server if you work with MS SQL Server (I used the version 6).


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