Stress testing ArcGIS Server with Python

I’ve blogged earlier about using Apache JMeter for stress testing ArcGIS Server and for performance tests. It’s a terrific tool that can do so much more than that though.

In case you won’t be able to use the JMeter, you can perform a similar stress test on an ArcGIS Server service by using Python multiprocessing module as well as ArcREST Python package – an open source package developed by Esri and the user community and hosted on GitHub.

In this code, a pool of workers is created and each of those does the export of the map image which triggers creating an instance, if there aren’t any available, which use certain amount of RAM and CPU. To learn more about the ArcREST, please visit the Wiki page of the project. To learn more about the Python multiprocessing, check the Help page and some SO pages here and here.

For live monitoring of the ArcGIS Server service busy instances, a sample from Esri ArcGIS Server development team could be used. Another application built on top of that sample can be found here on GitHub.


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