Data analysis for ArcGIS Pro 1.2 users

If you will need to do any advanced data analysis, consider using Python libraries numpy and pandas for that. Just in case you are a user of ArcGIS Pro 1.2, the Python 3.4 compilation that can be installed with Pro does contain those libraries along with scipy and matplotlib. You will be able to perform most of your data analysis work with those libraries and you won’t need to download any package managers such as conda or pip. Jupyter notebook, formerly known as IPython notebook, is another great tool for interactive data analysis and visualization. In case you are not familiar with installing external libraries in Python, check this post on how to install pip; it’s very easy.  It’s all about downloading and executing a Python file. Then to get started with data analysis in Python and ArcGIS Pro:

1. install arcgis pro 1.2
2. install python 3.4.3 for arcgis pro
3. add to PATH system variable C:\Python34
4. run pip install ipython
5. run pip install jupyter

And now you have everything you will need to become a data scientist!


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