LICEcap – recording the screen to animated GIF

If you have ever needed to explain to someone a sequence of steps to perform in an application, you have probably ended up with writing a long sequence of steps. This takes a lot of time and when even slight changes are made in the interface, you need to rewrite the whole thing.

I remember having nice visual animations in ArcGIS Desktop Help files where one could follow the clicks recorded in the ArcMap GUI. One of the ways to record the screen without creating large video files is to use a GIF recorder. I’ve looked for different ones and the LICEcap seems to suit me well.

LICEcap is GPL free software, so the source is available. It’s fast, has an option to adjust the FPS value and make pauses and add the text boxes. A great piece of software you could use to make a quick record of a certain workflow – you could use it yourself for any future reference or to send a GIF to someone when helping out with the software.

2 thoughts on “LICEcap – recording the screen to animated GIF

  1. Have you used Windows’ Problem Steps Recorder? Just type psr from the command line and hit the record button. You can add comments at each step too. Dead handy, but not really documented anywhere, so no-one knows about it.

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