Stream Android screen to a PC with TeamViewer

I was looking for quite some time for an easy way to stream an Android tablet screen onto a PC (Windows) to do demos on how applications run on Android (such as demos on Collector and other ArcGIS apps). Of course you can use a portable cam or webcam, but what if you just want to show something really quickly without setting up the cameras?

In case you will ever need to do demos with the mobile apps – read below how to do this.

There are tons of ways to do this (vnc servers, paid apps, give root access on the device), but the most efficient I’ve found so far is to use the TeamViewer. There is also a free version of this software.

  1. Download TeamViewer on your Windows machine. You don’t need to install it, it is possible to just run the .exe once.
  2. Install TeamViewer QuickSupport on your tablet.
  3. When running the TeamViewer on your tablet, you will be asked if you want to install add-on for remote control of the device. The tablet will automatically find the add-on for your manufacture (Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, HTC, HP etc) and install it.
  4. Then just connect from the Windows machine to the Android tablet (both should be connected to the Internet of course).

There may be some lagging when having a poor Internet connection, but generally people have the understanding for this and tend focus on the functionality and not on the performance of the screen sharing. Keep in mind that you can also do the remote control, so troubleshooting directly on the customer’s tablet is an option if you work in tech support.

So, you can not only see your screen, but actually perform clicks to simulate touches on the tablet. An amazing piece of functionality I’ll use often now for making demonstrations to our customers.


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