Ubuntu Linux

I guest a lot of IT and GIS professionals have heard about the Linux operating system. Some have seen it installed on a netbook, some heard about some kind of UNIX servers, and some have actually tried it themselves. I’ve blogged a bit about using a virtual machine with various open source GIS software preinstalled and preconfigured earlier here and there.

I’ve seen that Ubuntu distribution of Linux gained popularity recently and I’ve thought to try it myself. I worked with Linux last time for maybe 5 years ago and it was the Fedora distribution. So I thought it would be quite fun to test another Linux version (I use the Ubuntu 11.10 for now.)

Since I wanted to test this operating system on a virtual machine, I went to the Ubuntu.com and have downloaded the .iso file with the operating system image. If you do not have VMware Workstation or something similar at your disposal, give a try to a free alternative Oracle VirtualBox.

After the installation, the virtual machine is ready to use. The interface is really nice and performance is great, too. Ubuntu Software Center is a nice replacement of the old Synaptic Package Manager; working with workspaces is a good thing; lots and lots of good things one might like about Ubuntu.

Recently, I have seen that Esri announced providing an Amazon EC2 AMI for ArcGIS Server 10.1 for Ubuntu 10.04. This is yet another reason to get to know the Ubuntu better since there will be more projects and initiatives from those who use the Linux yet needs the ArcGIS platform competence.

Enjoy testing the operating system!


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