RouteSmart for ArcGIS

Recently, I was lucky enough to get hands on one of the best pieces of software for high-density routing solutions – RouteSmart for ArcGIS. The software has been developed based on the Esri ArcGIS platform and is used by customers from various industries. It does use ArcGIS Network Analyst technology for solving routing tasks, yet it provides outstanding performance for calculating routes between thousands of stops.

I got a chance to work with some pilot project data which consists of a several thousand points representing geographic locations. The functionality of the software allows you to solve different routing problems including, but not limited to, Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), very efficiently and provides tremendous opportunities for tuning and advanced routing customization. I was personally impressed with its performance in generating routes between the stops – I was literally blown away by the whole thing. 🙂

Those of you who work in the UK with newspaper distribution, waste collection, snow plowing or other public works, where you have multiple vehicles and large human resources that need to be effectively managed, take a second to read a bit about RouteSmart for ArcGIS at the RouteSmart UK Web site or contact James Holt who is the Technical Director at the Integrated Skills Ltd, the authorized distributor of the RouteSmart in the United Kingdom. I personally got the chance to meet up with James last week to take a look at RouteSmart and I can recommend him very highly.



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