Presentations with Prezi

A couple of days ago I held a workshop at the local university college about network analysis in GIS. The event went well and I received some positive feedback from participants and faculty staff. During the session, I introduced the concept of network analysis and routing to the students and demonstrated how to use ArcGIS Network Analyst to solve network-related problems.

Originally, I thought of preparing a classic Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. I should acknowledge that this is a well-established standard in academic sphere as well as in the business world. PowerPoint is great for assembling pieces of information into a sequential group of slides, yet it is not very dynamic and flexible because users are not provided with the functionality for quick jumping between slides and options for interactions with the slides are limited.

I have read a bit about Prezi before, a web-based tool for creating dynamic Flash-alike presentations. So, I grabbed a book in the library and spent a couple of evenings digging into the new environment for presenting information. I was genuinely impressed and can highly recommend this software. The book I used – Prezi for Dummies (even though I am a bit skeptic towards this “dummy” series) – turned out to be great. The book contains plenty of useful technical tips on creating presentations as well as some concepts on how to create a good presentation (here I can recommend another great book – The craft of scientific presentations) , audience-speaker interaction, and human cognition.

Prezi has different licenses including one you can use for free; the only trade-off here is that the presentation will get Prezi logo picture. You may create a presentation online and then present your work either from the Internet or offline by downloading the presentation files. Keep in mind though that it is based on Flash, so be sure to install the required plug-ins and/or Adobe Flash player.


4 thoughts on “Presentations with Prezi

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    Absolutely, the book was really good. Specific technical tips I did not find on (like using 4:3 ratio for frames if aiming at presenting with a projector!) and specific advices on presenting information (the list of further readings is huge!). So again, I recommend this book very highly.

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