Map Identify tool in ArcGIS Server

After having a really long vacation, I recently saw on a forum that a peer had asked how one can expand the Identify window in the standard ArcGIS Server web mapping application by default. For your information, when using the Identify tool in a non-customized web mapping application created either by means of ArcGIS Server Manager or MS Visual Studio, the results window will be opened in the not-expanded view. Thus, in order to see the results a user has to click on the down arrow and I guess this can be a frustrating thing to do if you have to do this often.

Fortunately, one can change the behaviour of the Identify window by editing some JavaScript code that is enclosed with web mapping application files. Navigate to the web application folder and then open JavaScript folder. There are several files out there, but we are going to need only MapIdentify.js. Here one can define the properties of the Identify tool that is being used in the web mapping application. In order to make the results window of the Identify tool expanded when using the tool, open this JavaScript file by using any text editor and find the ESRI.ADF.UI.MapIdentifyTool class description. Then change the value of the parameter this._lastExpanded from false to true. The code you have now should look like this.

ESRI.ADF.UI.MapIdentifyTool = function(element) {
   this.selectedIndex = 0;
   this.selectedValue = "";
   this._lastExpanded = true;
   this._addToResultsLink = "";
   this._layerInfo = "";
   this._dropDownList = "";
   this._identifyIcon = null;
   this._waitIcon = null;
   this._processing = false;
   this._onIdentify = Function.createDelegate(this,function(geom)


2 thoughts on “Map Identify tool in ArcGIS Server

  1. Doesn’t work for me on ArcGIS Server 10.1 😦 Application doesn’t use this file. How to force the application to use this file and not default one from WebControls?

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