Let me Google that for you

Some people on forums are always asking questions such as: “How do I create a new shapefile in ArcMap?” Despite the fact that it is nice to help people solve their problems, these queries can, at times, be slightly annoying. Admittedly, it sometimes proves difficult to find certain information on the Internet (for example, when trying to find some good documentation on the SDC GP Tools for ArcGIS), but constantly asking people extremely simple questions is really a waste of everyone’s time. That is, what people will basically do for those asking the question is type the query into Google search box and then share the link to the resource. Of course, some people might not even know about Google or any other search engine, so it is our task to help users develop the competence in the information retrieval process. Personally, I have some posts on this topic.

Recently I have found a hilarious web resource – Let me Google that for you. This resource is “for all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves”. So, next time someone asks you a really simple question, you can simply visit this web site, type in the search words and then send this person a URL. Still wondering what ArcGIS Desktop is? The answer can be found here 🙂


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