Creating ArcSDE services

Today I would like to discuss a fairly typical scenario, which is when you have worked with an ArcSDE database on a development server and then have backed it up and restored it on a production server. After running all the required scripts and eventually after doing user mappings, you will have moved to the stage of ArcSDE service creation.

In ArcSDE for SQL Server post installation, you choose Custom > Create ArcSDE service option only if you have installed repository and have created an sde user. The tricky part here is choosing a name for the ArcSDE service. You cannot have several sde services with the same name on one machine. Please check services.sde file in <ArcGIS installation folder>\ArcSDE\sqlexe\etc\services.sde and Windows services file (<diskdrive>:\<Windows installation folder>\system32\drivers\etc\services).

Be aware that if you already have a service with the name “Project3”, for instance, you cannot create a service “Project”, since the software will parse the services file and find the “Project” string there. ArcSDE will inform you if there are any similar entries in the services file by returning a message window:


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