Search for information

One would agree that we live in the century of information. He who owns information owns everything, so to speak. Due to the pervasive spread of the Internet, the access to information is becoming even easier. Google revolutionized the art of information retrieval.  Now ordinary users can read thousands of books and edit documents online, as well as participate in the development of Internet resources.

The way one searches for information often matters if there are any time constraints. Since the answers to many of our questions are available via the Internet, our search capabilities would define our success.  Depending upon how fast one can find an answer to a question, one can close a technical support ticket faster or find a piece of software one needs in order to complete a certain task on a computer in a timely manner, for example.

The GIS community can also benefit greatly from the ability to search the web quickly, in addition to having other skills as noted in the excellent article by Michalis Avraam. Discussion on the question of why it is better to use an English operating system and software aside, we could move directly to the syntax of the search.

Basic info about Internet searching on Google can be found at Google’s web search help page here. More advanced help for search on Google can be found at the same web site here. A great article on how to use Google’s advanced query syntax to get results quickly is here. Another great article on efficient google searches is here.


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