My book was published recently

As you might know, I work with Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies. Particularly, my previous research was focused on development and test of web-based city maps and web-based frameworks for integrating geospatial and online spatial data of municipal agencies. Well, of course use of GIS in local government varies greatly. GIS help city agencies to answer many questions and facilitate the performance of a great number of day-to-day activities. In almost any situation, when dealing with GIS information in local governments, GIS specialists must provide services to government leaders and to staff of other departments. Furthermore, spatial, or geographic, data often needs to be available to the public audience via the Web.

The results of my research resulted in a book, which was published recently. The results of the performed work offer numerous insights and implications for using GIS in the Web to the study of local government workflows. I believe that this study can be useful to a variety of readers from different disciplines. Specialists interested in municipal GIS design and implementation could find much of significance in this work. I hope that those readers concerned with the use of web programming and applications of GIS software in local government might also find much of value in the study. The book might be useful to academics and nonacademics as well, such as those involved in government GIS workflows and web mapping application development.

You can check the book at

Web GIS application in local government: Municipality of Gävle case study


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