Barry Schwartz: why more is less?

I periodically check interesting videos from Google ( One can find numerous videos relating to different topics such as design, psychology, information technology and dozens of others. As you may know, it might be hard to find a video you would really like when you have lots of them available. Of course, the best way possible to determine whether you will like a video is to actually watch it. Another less radical strategy is naturally to search through the headlines of presentations in order to narrow the search. Finally, a video might be recommended by a friend or you could try to trust the rating system and watch the best rated videos. Today my attention was attracted by a very interesting video; the presenter was Barry Schwartz of Swarthmore College. The speech was exciting and unusual (well, do Google guys usually invite someone  mean to talk? I doubt it.).  It was about why having many choices could be bad in modern society and how the number of available options influence the level of satisfaction with regard to making decisions. The presenter did great research and similar ideas can be found in works of Gladwell (Blink book), whose books I adore. I can highly recommend this video. The only one problem I found is that sometimes the camera is focused on the speaker instead of PowerPoint presentation slides, thus making the laughter of the audience weird for a person watching this video.


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